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        1. 電影Marriage Story(婚姻故事)片段1


          (16歲以下不要聽,心情不好不要聽, 里面有臟話謹慎收聽)

          NICOLE: You’re being so much like your father. 

          CHARLIE: DO NOT compare me to my father. 

          NICOLE: I didn’t compare you. I said you were acting like him.

          CHARLIE: You’re exactly like your mother! Everything you complain about her, you’re doing. You’re suffocating Henry. 

          NICOLE: First of all, I love my mother, she was a wonderful mother!

          CHARLIE: I’m just repeating what you’ve told me--

          NICOLE: Secondly, how dare you compare my mothering to my mother? I might be like my father, but I’m NOT like my mother. 

          CHARLIE: You ARE! And you’re like my father. You’re also like MY mother. You’re all the bad things about all of these people. But mostly your mother. When we would lie in bed together, sometimes I would look at you and see HER and just feel so GROSS.

          NICOLE: I felt repulsed when you touched me.

          CHARLIE: You’re a slob. I made all the beds, closed all the cabinets, picked up after you like an infant--

          NICOLE: The thought of having sex with you makes me want to peel my skin off.

          CHARLIE: You’ll never be happy. In LA or anywhere. You’ll think you found some better, opposite guy than me and in a few years you’ll rebel against him because you need to have your VOICE. But you don’t WANT a voice. You just want to fucking complain about not having a VOICE.

          NICOLE: I think of being married to you and that woman is a stranger to me. We had a child’s marriage. 

          CHARLIE: You’ve regressed. You’ve gone back to your life before you met me. It’s pathetic.

          NICOLE: People used to say to me that you were too selfish to be a great artist. I used to defend you. But they’re absolutely right. 

          CHARLIE: All your best acting is behind you. You’re back to being a HACK. 

          NICOLE: You gaslighted me. You’re a fucking villain.

          CHARLIE: You want to present yourself as a victim because it’s a good legal strategy, FINE. But you and I both know you CHOSE this life. You wanted it until you didn’t. 

          CHARLIE: You USED me so you could get out of LA. 

          NICOLE: I didn’t use you--

          CHARLIE: You did and then you BLAMED me for it. You always made me aware of what I was doing wrong, how I was falling short. Life with you was JOYLESS. 

          NICOLE: So you had to fuck someone else? 

          CHARLIE: You shouldn’t be upset that I fucked her, you should be upset that I had a laugh with her. 

          NICOLE: Do you love her?

          CHARLIE: No! But she didn’t hate me. You hated me. 

          NICOLE: You hated ME. You fucked somebody we worked with. 

          CHARLIE: You stopped having sex with me in the last year. I never cheated on you. 

          NICOLE: That was cheating on me. 

          CHARLIE: But there’s so much I could have done. I was a director in my 20’s who came from nothing and was suddenly on the cover of fucking Time Out New York. I was hot shit—-and I wanted to fuck EVERYBODY and I didn’t. And I loved you and didn’t want to lose you...but I’m in my twenties and I didn’t want to lose that too. And you wanted SO much so fast...I didn’t even want to get married...and fuck it, there’s so much I DIDN’T do. 

          NICOLE: thanks for that.

          CHARLIE: You’re welcome. You’re...welcome.  

          NICOLE: I can’t believe I have to know you FOREVER! 

          CHARLIE: You’re fucking insane! And you’re fucking winning.

          NICOLE: Are you kidding? I wanted to be married. I’d ALREADY LOST. You didn’t love me as much as I loved you. 

          CHARLIE: What does that have to do with LA? What? 

          NICOLE: You’re so merged with your own selfishness that you don’t even identify it as selfishness anymore. YOU’RE SUCH A DICK. 

          CHARLIE: Every day I wake up and hope you’re dead-- Dead like--If I could guarantee Henry would be OK, I’d hope you get an illness and then get hit by a car and DIE.

          NICOLE: I know.

          CHARLIE: I’m sorry. 

          NICOLE: Me too.

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