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        1. 電影I Care a Lot (我很在乎) 片段1


          Jennifer Peterson. Born April 15th, 1949. She lives at 41 Williams Street in Shallcross. It’s a real nice neighborhood, expensive. She bought the house seven years ago, owns it outright. Credit check came back A1, totally clean. No debt, no criminal record, never been married. She worked at the same company for 40 years. Looks like she downsized when she retired, liquidated, and now she’s sitting on a nest egg. Like a golden fucking goose. Look at this. From her tax records, it says that she has three separate saving accounts, all earning monster interest. She likes to go during the day to the movies. She reads a lot, likes gardening. Just your regular old lady.

          And she is sitting on a pile of cash.

          Mm-hmm. She’s rich, independent, literate. That lady right there, she’s my fucking hero.

          【基礎英語】be on about 絮絮叨叨一直說
          【原版雜志閱讀】 文章預讀:Fewer people are dying in floods in China